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Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures

Congratulations! You’ve positioned your company for a possible acquisition, joint venture or sale. Make sure you do so with a seasoned M&A attorney by your side, steering clear of potential legal and financial obstacles. Let’s work together to maximize your return.

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Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures


Whether you’re a small to mid-size company or a multinational corporation, Procopio’s Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures attorneys seek to know your market and will partner with you to maximize your returns. We’ve closed billions of dollars of deals across a wide range of industries, staffing smartly and efficiently. You’ll always stay in contact with your partner of choice and won’t get passed down to another attorney after a “honeymoon” period. As a founding member of LawExchange International and an active member of Meritas, we have access to knowledgeable and experienced legal representation around the world that provides you with diversified global support and insights.

We’ll help you grow through acquisition, expand your market reach through a synergistic business relationship, or maximize your exit.

In the last five years, Procopio’s M&A and Strategic Joint Ventures attorneys have represented clients in more than 300 deals. We’ve represented public and private companies in a broad array of industries, including life sciences and health care, software, food and beverage, manufacturing, and more. Here are just a few of those publicly disclosed deals:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Securities
  • Tax, domestic and international
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment
  • Compensation
  • Real estate
  • Environmental
  • Negotiation strategy
  • What’s “market”
  • Maximize after-tax returns from operations and upon exit.

Strategic Joint Ventures

  • Operating businesses of all types that need additional finance, human capital or other resources to expand and prosper
  • Strategic combinations of two or more businesses
  • Ventures to create or develop intellectual property
  • Ventures for real estate development, operation and investment
  • Private equity and other types of investment funds.

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