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Key Advances Objectives of E-Commerce/ Fintech Client

Key Advances Objectives of E-Commerce/ Fintech Client

It was a big week for client and e-commerce/fintech provider Logiq with its successful acquisition of digital marketing provider Rebel AI. Logiq will rebrand the new acquisition as Logiq Digital Marketing, which will enable small and medium-sized businesses to more effectively compete against larger businesses for new customers with a simplified, easy-to-use platform enabling advertising across popular websites and connected TV media destinations. Coupled with advanced audience targeting, artificial intelligence algorithms and blockchain-based security, this platform will also lower the costs of customer acquisition.

Procopio corporate law attorneys Christopher Tinen and Jessica Lazur led the transaction with support from Matt Short, Paul Johnson, David Boatwright, Eric Swenson, John Miles, and Elaine Harwell. Learn more about the deal in Logiq’s press release.

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