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Procopio Expands Its Successful Life Sciences CEO Connection Program Beyond Silicon Valley, Adding San Diego and Orange County Programs

Procopio Expands Its Successful Life Sciences CEO Connection Program Beyond Silicon Valley, Adding San Diego and Orange County Programs

Procopio Expands Its Successful Life Sciences CEO Connection Program Beyond Silicon Valley, Adding San Diego and Orange County Programs

Building on its tremendous success in Silicon Valley, Procopio is launching two additional Life Sciences CEO Connection peer-to-peer advisory programs in the San Diego and Orange County markets. Currently operating out of Procopio’s Palo Alto office and including 20 select early-stage life sciences CEOs, the Life Sciences CEO Connection program fosters meaningful professional connections, advisory, and the support needed to address the unique challenges of leadership in the life sciences sector.

The San Diego program will be held in Procopio’s Del Mar Heights office and the Orange County program in the firm’s Irvine Office, with both commencing in Q4 2023. A second Silicon Valley CEO Connection cohort will begin in mid-2024. Applications for all three additional programs are now being accepted.

The current Silicon Valley Life Sciences CEO Connection program is held monthly at Procopio’s Palo Alto office and features conversations thoughtfully curated by industry insiders. Discussion topics critical to entrepreneurial success include capital financing, IP and licensing, mergers and acquisitions, talent management, growth strategies, conflict resolution, and more. Dynamic roundtable discussions allow for candid conversations in a confidential setting, with participants discussing their own challenges and benefiting from the collective wisdom and strategic insights of their peers.

The Irvine program will be supported by IP Partner Noel Gillespie. Supporting the San Diego cohort will be Procopio IP Partner Xiaofan “Frank” Yang, PhD, and Partner and Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures Co-Leader Paul Johnson.

Procopio’s Life Sciences CEO Connection program was developed in partnership with the CEO 360 Connect program founded by well-known life sciences advisor and Cardiff Advisory Managing Partner David Crean, PhD, and Arrow Up Staging Chief Revenue Officer John Foley. Crean moderates the Silicon Valley Life Science CEO Connection program, and will co-moderate the San Diego and Irvine programs with Foley.

“I’ve been so impressed with the caliber of CEOs and the level of conversations in our Silicon Valley meetups,” said Crean. “The participants are focused on their own success while also providing guidance and insight to their industry peers. We’re excited to expand this program with our partner Procopio to San Diego and Orange counties.”

“We are taking a unique, differentiated approach for Life Science Peer-to-Peer advisory,” said Foley. “Participating CEOs are surrounded with real-life subject matter experts in Life Science, are placed on an individualized learning track, and held accountable to achieve meaningful results based on KPIs.”

Nominations are now being accepted in all three locations, and self-nominations are welcome. Qualified candidates will be CEOs of life sciences companies, and will undergo a vetting process by members of the Life Science CEO Connection program. Those CEOs selected will receive a one-year Life Sciences CEO Connection program at no cost to them.

About Procopio

Procopio has a long history of supporting startups and emerging growth companies. Since 2012, the firm has held its LaunchPad incubator program in its Del Mar Heights office, hosting select groups of carefully chosen emerging growth companies that have begun their formation, protection of core technology, early funding and growth. The companies’ entrepreneurs have worked side by side with Procopio attorneys focused on understanding their industries and positioning them for growth and success.

Procopio’s Life Sciences attorneys bring clients decades of law firm and in-house counsel experience, from life-saving pharmaceuticals to breakthrough biotechnologies. Whether an emerging company or an established multinational, they provide a wide range of legal services including corporate formation, financing and venture capital, intellectual property counseling and litigation, licensing, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. Our attorneys counsel medical device designers and manufacturers, innovators in the biologics, genomic, diagnostic, e-health, digital health technologies and other life sciences companies. Their molecular biology experience includes gene therapy, personalized cancer immunotherapy, TCRs, antibodies/peptibodies; antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs); protein therapeutics, cancer therapies, cellular immunotherapy, nucleic acids, as well as next-generation sequencing and modern genomics. Their chemistry technical expertise includes pharmaceuticals, industrial biotechnology, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry, in areas as diverse as peptide pharmaceuticals, adhesives, drug delivery technology, and medical devices. Learn more.

About CEO360 

CEO360 is a differentiated peer-to-peer advisory program focused on Life Sciences and dedicated to improving the Life Sciences ecosystem.  CEO360 has three unique learning tracks for Startup Stage, Early Venture Stage, and Late Growth Stage companies. CEO360 is pleased to support Procopio’s CEO Connection efforts. Learn more.

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