Family Law

Our Family Law attorneys represent clients in a broad range of legal matters, both routine and complex, that affect families in transition. We apply first-class advocacy and negotiation skills to achieve the desired results.

Our Services

We address the personal and business perspective in family matters, including the following:

Division of Assets
It is common for people to enter into marriage with substantial assets and without a prenuptial agreement. Many spouses receive large gifts or inheritances during marriage, but neglect to maintain these funds separate from their community assets. If required, proving the separate character of such assets can be a difficult process. We are adept at handling matters involving the tracing, characterization and distribution of marital property assets with the assistance of forensic accountants and other experts.

Spousal and Child Support
Regardless of their financial circumstances, spouses have a mutual obligation to support each other, as well as their children, as determined by their respective needs and ability to pay. We have significant experience in developing the necessary financial information to ensure that appropriate spousal and child support is achieved, either by mutual agreement or court hearing.

We are adept at handling matters involving tracing, characterization and distribution of marital property assets.

Child Custody
Unfortunately, a family transitioning through a divorce proceeding often encounters difficulty in arranging for the custody and sharing of minor children. To provide assistance with such matters requires years of experience in promoting mediation and, when necessary, advocacy before the court. Our family law attorneys are well known and respected for the manner in which they handle custody and child sharing matters.

Breach of Domestic Fiduciary Duty
In the case of failing to disclose assets, purposefully hiding assets or making careless investments during marriage, we have substantial experience in discovering, exposing and litigating domestic breach of fiduciary duty claims.

The division of property of divorcing couples may involve the characterization, valuation and division of a business and its assets. We have the experience to navigate through these issues, which often arise when a business becomes involved in its owners’ divorce. When closely held companies and other assets are involved, we work with our tax, corporate and estate attorneys to provide informed, insightful counsel.