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White Collar Criminal Defense

When a government investigation begins or prosecutors consider pursuing a case, you want a seasoned white-collar criminal defense attorney by your side. We have experience stopping litigation before it starts, as well as success in cases that went to trial.

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White Collar Criminal Defense


Cases involving white-collar crime or government investigations are complex and sensitive, requiring depth of experience and a special skill set. Our White Collar Criminal Defense attorneys have significant federal court trial experience defending criminal prosecutions and extensive experience guiding clients through governmental inquiries. We have achieved great success defending corporations and their executives in cases involving allegations of healthcare fraud, securities fraud, false claims, tax fraud, environmental crimes, bribery and immigration violations. These successes include persuading prosecutors not to prosecute matters and achieving favorable confidential settlements.

The eventual outcome of a government investigation is often shaped by critical decisions made at the outset of the investigation, such as getting the right attorney involved early on. Effective legal representation provided early in the process can greatly impact a prosecutor’s charging decisions and can determine whether a matter is handled in criminal court or as a civil proceeding. Our attorneys have gained their experience not only in private practice, but also in government service. Our corporate criminal defense lawyers are capable of providing critical advice at every stage of an investigation or case. In addition, by leveraging the vast experience of the firm’s industry professionals, Procopio is able to provide sophisticated and aggressive representation in a wide range of industries facing the threat of criminal prosecution.

Our attorneys understand the potentially devastating consequences created by criminal or regulatory investigations. We work diligently to protect our clients and to reduce the damage and disruption of government investigations, including the collateral effects such as loss of professional licenses, negative publicity and loss of business. Our goal is to expeditiously resolve such issues, allowing our clients to move forward with their finances and reputation intact.

Indictments and Enforcement Actions

Our White Collar Criminal Defense practice is led by experienced trial attorneys with records of success. While we always strive to persuade prosecutors not to pursue charges or to agree to favorable plea bargains, if trial becomes necessary, our attorneys have the experience and skills needed to obtain outstanding results for our clients.  In our experience, prosecutors offer the best deals to clients who are represented by attorneys with trial skills that command the attention of the prosecutor handling the case.

Our representation includes all phases of criminal litigation and enforcement actions brought by state and federal agencies.

Internal Investigations and Regulatory Compliance

In addition to defending clients against governmental investigations, our attorneys also conduct internal investigations and audits for corporate clients to ensure that they are in compliance with regulatory schemes applicable to their industry.  Toward this end, we assist clients in creating regulatory compliance plans.  We have counseled clients and developed compliance programs in the areas of healthcare, securities, government contracts, environmental and immigration law.  Additionally, we have advised clients with respect to Sarbanes-Oxley, corporate ethics and Department of Justice prosecution guidelines.

Our experienced attorneys are able to gather substantial information from witnesses and documents which is then evaluated relative to laws governing the particular industry.  Importantly, we are disciplined about our professional and discreet approach to internal investigations, which allows us to minimize the disruption an investigation may cause to our client and our client’s employees.  In the end, we counsel our clients on how to reduce their exposure.