Latin America - US Cross-Border

With the interdependence of world markets, a global perspective is essential for doing business in the U.S. and Latin America. Our multilingual team, with deep market knowledge, provides clients with efficient service and creative and commercially savvy solutions. Our client base includes many of the most prominent companies and families in Latin America, and many of the largest multinational corporations and private equity funds investing in the region.

Our team's varied intellectual and cultural outlook, real life international experience and comprehensive first-hand knowledge benefits our clients in matters crossing the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Asia. Our attorneys communicate in the relevant local languages and understand the intricacies of the local business culture and underlying legal framework. We have developed exceptional, longstanding relationships with legal professionals, business leaders, economic groups and governments throughout the region and beyond, adding a decisive advantage in almost any business transaction. For all these reasons, Procopio is a clear choice for Latin American companies and entrepreneurs who want to bring their business into the U.S.


Procopio is a clear choice for Latin American companies and entrepreneurs who want to bring their business into the U.S.


Our Services

Our U.S. - Latin America Cross-Border team works with attorneys firm-wide across a wide range of practice areas, including employment, construction, real estate, intellectual property and environmental to provide the best resources available for clients. We provide a full range of value-added services with in-depth experience in the following areas:

  • International Tax
  • Corporate and Securities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures
  • Maquiladoras (IMMEX)
  • High Net Worth Clients
  • Intellectual Property

Representative Matters

  • Assist numerous U.S. developers (joint ventures, land and construction development) with Mexican and Latin America (e.g., Costa Rica and Guatemala) real estate acquisitions and development; structuring global operations, financing, equity investment, repatriation of funds and tax treaty benefits.
  • Advise companies from Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia in the design and execution of the optimal legal structure to set up a business model in the U.S.
  • Advise foreign financial institutions, foreign entities and their advisors and employees regarding the application, strategic decisions and implementation of the federal tax law and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.
  • Represent non-U.S. persons in suits for refunds of taxes in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  Successfully won a single tax refund case for a non-resident individual and negotiated a tax recovery of 13.3M in 2015.
  • Created a customized tax strategy for the owner of companies in the U.S. and Mexico in a 75M deal that saved the client approximately 9.2M in taxes.
  • Implemented a worldwide tax plan for the estate of an award-winning Latin American writer with multi-national beneficiaries.
  • Represent one of the largest privately-owned constructions companies in Mexico that builds innovative children's rehabilitation centers in the U.S.


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