Since the early 2000’s, the percentage of information that is created and stored in paper form has decreased dramatically.  Today, 95% of all information is created and stored electronically.  In 2006, Congress responded to this new reality by approving significant changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure addressing Electronically Stored Information, now commonly referred to as ESI.  Last year, the federal rules were amended again as the complexity of ESI was more fully realized and the body of case law continued to grow.

At Procopio, we understand that ESI and discovery of the same (e-discovery) are critical components of the litigation process, which is why we offer comprehensive in-house ESI services that are both cost effective and time efficient. Procopio hosts client data in-house at a rate of 30-60% LESS than the costs of most outside vendors. We pass those savings along directly to our clients. We utilize the industry’s most modern and robust technology tools for collection, processing, review, production and organizing electronic information.

Secure, Cost-Effective Services

Your privacy and security are our priority.  While most firms employ outside vendors to collect and store your information, Procopio has made significant investments in software, hardware and personnel to all but eliminate the need for outside vendors.  This equates to increased security and significant cost savings to our clients.  While the vendor-based ESI business has become a multi-billion dollar industry, we strongly believe the e-discovery budget should not drive the litigation.

Our Model

  • Collect and Preserve.  We assist our clients in collecting and preserving their electronic information to stay compliant with state and federal rules and case law governing how, when and what information must be preserved and produced.
  • Production.  Our team ensures that the client’s responsive, non-privileged data is produced in the proper format and in a timely matter during the course of litigation.
  • Filter, Review and Analysis.  We use advanced tools and analytics to help cull down large amounts of data and find the critical pieces of information that help shape the success of the litigation process.
  • Presentation.  We combine the necessary skill, experience and tools to assist attorneys in presenting evidence to the trier of fact.