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News You Can Use — February 2023

News You Can Use — February 2023

News You Can Use — February 2023

In the February 2023 News You Can Use newsletter, we provide timely articles on:

  • How the use of website cookeis can violate HIPAA;
  • The impact of a recent court decision on lenders; and
  • Welcome news for medical staffs and healthcare entities facing frivolous lawsuits.

We also provide information on a number of informative events addressing:

  • The latest in labor and employment law;
  • Investing in life sciences and biotech;
  • Fundamentals for startups in the U.S. and Mexico; and
  • Negotiating IP rights in industry-sponsored research.

You’ll also get to meet our six new Partners, just elevated in January, see how successful our M&A clients were in completing deals in 2022, and learn of two key leadership changes as the firm enters 2023. And as always, we provide a roundup of recent social media posts, including the hiring of three new associates.

Enjoy the February 2023 News You Can Use Newsletter, and subscribe for future issues.

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