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  • Avoiding Litigation While Resolving Disputes: Commercial Contract Challenges During COVID-19

    By Procopio Partners Robert H. Sloss, Mindy M. Morton, and Edward C. Walton Lawyers, like everyone else, are scrambling to identify potential problems and craft possible solutions for the COVID-19 virus’ far-reaching impact on businesses and financial markets. Small and large companies are being forced to deal with substantial catastrophes they never expected to encounter, including: large-scale cancellations or postponements of orders; disruptions to key supply chains; ...

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  • Some Key Considerations for the Prudent Prospective Yacht Purchaser

    By Procopio Partner Edward C. Walton Most of us only dream of purchasing that ultimate symbol of freedom and luxury—the ocean-going yacht. If that floating fantasy is now within your reach and desire for fulfillment, you have much to consider and decide, especially if you are new to boating. Careful consideration of your purchasing options, resources, and legal issues using appropriate professional assistance will go a long way to ensuring a truly happy yachting experience. This bri...

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