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  • What California's New Law on Female Board Members May Mean For Your Public Company

    By Procopio Attorney Christopher L. Tinen There has been a significant amount of media coverage of a landmark California bill recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown mandating female representation on corporate boards of directors of public companies located in California. SB 826 was written broadly, encompassing a wide array of public companies whose principal offices are located in California, including those incorporated elsewhere, such as Delaware. While the law has faced ...

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  • Small-Cap Public Companies Gain Compliance Relief Under New SEC Rule Changes

    By Procopio Attorney Christopher L. Tinen The U.S. small-cap public market will receive some welcome relief from certain securities disclosure requirements when new rules implemented by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) go into effect on Monday, September 10, 2018. The small-cap market is traditionally full of companies that are either newly public (via an initial public offering or other “going public” transactions) or low-revenue companies looking to mature into highe...

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