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  • PODCAST: Are Your Trade Secrets Protected -- Legally and Technically -- In the COVID-19 Era?

    In this episode of our Procopio Perspectives podcast series, we discuss trade secrets in the COVID-19 era. With employees working remotely and communications being conducted virtually, a company’s valuable, proprietary information is at greater risk than ever before. In this episode Procopio Partner and IP Litigatior Robert Sloss joins special guest Scott Krawitz as they discuss what companies should do, both legally and technically, to ensure that such information retains its trade secret ...

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  • PODCAST: Patent Troll Litigation is on the Upswing

    In this episode of our Procopio Perspectives podcast series, Procopio Partners Miku Mehta and Robert Sloss of our Silicon Valley office discuss what you need to know about patent troll litigation and why it's on the upswing. Topics include: Despite COVID-19, patent trolls are filing more new lawsuits, with Asian companies being targeted The reasons for this increase include the economic effects caused by COVID-19 There are things companies can do to defeat these new ca...

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  • Recent Court Decision May Provide Willful Patent Infringement Defendants Relief

    By Procopio Partner Robert H. Sloss Defendants accused of willful patent infringement may find early relief if a recent decision is adopted broadly by district courts. The judge in IP Power Holdings Limited v. Westfield Outdoor, Inc., Case No. 2:19-cv-01878-MMD-NJK (D. Nev. June 4, 2020) granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss willful infringement allegations that would typically be expected to survive such a motion. The holding appears to depend on the resolution of a factual dispute...

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  • Avoiding Litigation While Resolving Disputes: Commercial Contract Challenges During COVID-19

    By Procopio Partners Robert H. Sloss, Mindy M. Morton, and Edward C. Walton Lawyers, like everyone else, are scrambling to identify potential problems and craft possible solutions for the COVID-19 virus’ far-reaching impact on businesses and financial markets. Small and large companies are being forced to deal with substantial catastrophes they never expected to encounter, including: large-scale cancellations or postponements of orders; disruptions to key supply chains; ...

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  • “Not Appealable” Means Just That Regarding Institution of IPR Timeliness Challenges: U.S. Supreme Court

    By Procopio Partner Robert H. Sloss In a decision designed to adhere to Congressional intent of the America Invents Act (“AIA”) that post-grant patent reviews should be final, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 on April 2 that a patent owner cannot appeal a ruling by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”) to institute inter partes review (“IPR”) of a patent on the basis that the IPR petition was not timely filed.  In one of the few patent cases on its docket this term,...

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  • Federal Circuit Rejects Legitimacy of PTAB Judge Appointments: What's Next?

    By Procopio Partner Robert H. Sloss On October 31, which happens to be Halloween, the Federal Circuit issued a potentially frightening decision essentially holding that judges of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) had not been properly engaged pursuant to the Appointments Clause of the United States Constitution and vacating the decision in the case before it, Arthrex, Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc., Case No. 2018-2140 (Oct. 31, 2019). Although the decision could have potent...

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  • Recent Court Decisions Drive Strategic Approaches to Pursuing Sound Patent Protection

    By Procopio Partners Robert H. Sloss and Miku H. Mehta The art of drafting patent applications and the task of litigating patents continue to evolve, driven by changes in review processes at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and rulings in the Federal Circuit. In particular, we have seen a dramatic change in both the risks and benefits associated with functional claim drafting. Of note to anyone dealing with patents are two recent Federal Circuit decisions that continue the tre...

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  • Where do Patent Owners Fit in the Current Federal Circuit-USPTO Patentability Divergence?

    By Procopio Partners Miku H. Mehta and Robert H. Sloss Intending to bring more clarity and consistency to the patent examination process, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been issuing new examiner guidelines over the last year focused on 35 USC 101. These include the so-called Berkheimer memo of April 19, 2018 (relating to step 2B analysis) and new subject matter eligibility guidelines announced on January 4, 2019 (relating to step 2A analysis). A Procopio colleague recent...

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Holds Some Foreign Sales May be Included in Patent Infringement Damages

    By Procopio Partner Robert H. Sloss The U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in on yet another patent law matter that, in contrast to other decisions in recent years, actually favors many U.S. patent owners and technology companies. As companies look to market their products across international borders, they have found it necessary to navigate the maze of national and regional laws regarding the protection of intellectual property in order to guard against the theft of their key technologies. ...

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