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  • California Supreme Court Clarifies and Limits State’s “Prevailing Wage” Law

    By Procopio Partners Tyler Paetkau and Laurence Phillips Two important decisions issued by the California Supreme Court are of great significance and should come as good news to public works construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers operating in the state, as they clarify and limit the scope of California’s “prevailing wage” law. The decisions should have an immediate impact on the bidding of public works projects, administering certified payroll on current projects, an...

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  • Catch Me If You Can: Serving A China-Based Defendant in Cross-Border Litigation

    By Procopio Associate Lianlian Wu and Partner Laurence Phillips U.S. companies increasingly enter into contracts with Chinese companies, which makes sense given the two countries are the largest markets in the world. It won’t surprise anyone that China’s legal system differs from the U.S. in many ways. Given that parties in contracts may sometimes find themselves in a disagreement, if the U.S. company chooses to litigate claims it needs to understand the unique requirements of serving...

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  • Wage Law Liability Risks Increase for General Contractors in 2018

    By Procopio Partner Laurence R. Phillips and Associate Stephenie M. Alexander All general contractors need to be aware that, as of January 1, 2018, California Labor Code Section 218.7 imposes liability for a subcontractor’s failure to pay wages and fringe benefits to its employees. Under this revision in the law, a “direct contractor” (i.e., a contractor that has a direct contractual relationship with an owner) who enters into a contract for the “erection, construction, alteration...

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  • The Legal Landmines of Prevailing Wage Laws in the Construction Industry

    By Procopio Partner Laurence R. Phillips, Construction Group Member When launching a significant construction project, each stakeholder’s senior management likely is focused on securing the highest quality contractors, labor and materials, while adhering to an ambitious schedule and budget. In many aspects of private and public works construction, ensuring compliance with complex prevailing wage laws are likely not front of mind. A look at California’s prevailing wage law and the comp...

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