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  • Time to Update Title IX Policies and Training

    By Greta Proctor and Rahul Reddy For schools that have not yet updated their Title IX policies to incorporate the 2020 amendments, it is time to do so. Feel free to reach out to us for a refresher regarding what is required under the new regulatory scheme, including updates to your school’s Title IX grievance procedures, mandatory trainings, and new postings. All educational institutions (both K-12 and higher education) that receive any federal funds are required to comply with Titl...

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  • AB 361 Extends Virtual Board Meetings, With Conditions

    By Procopio Partner Greta A. Proctor California’s Ralph M. Brown Act has been amended to allow fully virtual board meetings during a state of emergency after the Governor signed Assembly Bill 361 into law on September 16, 2021. The new law comes as local public agencies were preparing for the expiration of Executive Orders that currently allow virtual board meetings.  AB 361 goes into effect immediately, and it amends Section 54953 of the Brown Act to allow virtual board meetings t...

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  • Important New Charter School Rules You Might Not Be Prepared to Implement

    TELECONFERENCING, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, AND DISCOURAGING STUDENTS FROM ENROLLING: SB 126 AND SB 75 ARE HERE: ARE YOU READY? By Procopio Partners John C. Lemmo and Greta A. Proctor and Associate Merrick A. Wadsworth Transparency and SB 126 Beginning January 1, 2020, California charter schools and CMOs considered to “manage”* charters must comply with government agency transparency rules and perform new and different teleconferencing procedures for board meetings.  The tra...

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  • California Charter Schools Required to Address Attorney General Guidance on Immigration Enforcement at Schools

    By Procopio Partner Greta A Proctor and Senior Associate Rahul E. Reddy Every California K-12 public school—including charter schools—now finds itself under new immigration-related guidelines from the Attorney General that will require many to update their policies and procedures. These guidelines include model policies addressing immigration enforcement and charter schools are required to adopt these model policies or equivalent policies.  Time is of the essence, as each charter...

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