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Procopio’s commitment to the startup community runs deep. For some entrepreneurs we’re there from the beginning with our LaunchPad incubator. Since 2012, a select group of carefully chosen entrepreneurs have begun the formation, protection of core technology, early funding and growth of their companies in our LaunchPad incubator. The incubator is housed in Procopio’s Del Mar Heights office, the heart of San Diego’s high-technology community. Incubator participants work side by side with attorneys who understand their industries and the path to success for emerging growth companies.

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Our LaunchPad program hosts startups in a wide array of industries, including:

  • Software and Internet-based technology;
  • High-tech hardware;
  • Life sciences and med tech;
  • Clean tech;
  • Renewable energy;
  • And more.

LaunchPad participants receive credit toward corporate and intellectual property legal services of their choosing and ongoing legal support as they position their companies for outside funding. They do so while benefiting from complimentary office space and back-office business support including conference rooms and other amenities.

Participating entrepreneurs also benefit from education on key topics—including valuation, funding, intellectual property strategy, employment issues, and pursuing a strong exit—along with access to successful entrepreneurs and investors and experts in finance, marketing and other critical areas for emerging-growth companies. Our attorneys provide ongoing legal support and assist with corporate structuring, patent protection, investor pitches, branding, and growth strategy.

The LaunchPad incubator program runs for nine months, with participants progressing through the formative stages of business development and leaving the incubator positioned for further growth and success.

The admission process for LaunchPad is competitive. If you feel your startup is right for the program, please fill out this application. Feel free to direct any questions to Procopio’s Director of Marketing & Client Relations Kevin J. Wilson at 619.515.3234 or


LaunchPad is still going strong despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re pleased to offer admission to the 2020 LaunchPad class to three inspiring startups:

  • Dun Rite Games, Inc., a pioneer in the videogame virtual goods marketplace
  • Intellecy, Inc., a smart water management system innovator
  • GeoPro, Inc., founded by a LaunchPad veteran



“Launching any startup is hard work. Besides the compelling idea, you need capital, dedication, laser sharp focus and the right team. Procopio’s LaunchPad provides the all-important incubation ingredient to a startup whereby great legal minds are available to help and advise in all key aspects, such as fundraising structure, patent strategy and software compliance. Besides the legal advice, RealStir felt at home at the beautiful space with great support and encouragement. I highly recommend Procopio’s LaunchPad to any startup who needs that extra lift to take it to the next level.”

Walid Romaya, CEO of RealStir (Real Estate on Demand)

“Our time in Procopio’s LaunchPad incubator was just what we needed to get our company up and running. The attorneys allowed us the freedom to do our thing without interference But they were also always open to a legal consultation on short notice in an unscheduled sync in one of their offices. Knowing top-flight corporate attorneys were right down the hall allowed us to focus our time and effort on building our business. We can definitely trace our current success back to our time in Procopio’s LaunchPad.”
Dave Twinning, Chief Operating Officer, Planck Aerosystems

These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of any participant's individual experience.