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  • Three Things You Should Do Now Before Selling Your Business

    By Procopio Partner William W. Eigner Perhaps you’ve been building toward this day for months or years. Or maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has convinced you the time is right. Regardless, you’re considering selling your business. Here are three important things you can do now to improve your chances for a great sale and increase your proceeds that are often overlooked or undertaken too late: Do your estate planning, gifting, etc. before you engage with a buyer so that your persona...

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  • How Businesses Can Recover Serious Damages from Website Copyright Infringers

    A company's website is their calling card, and with so many emerging startups looking to establish their brand, it is easy to overlook the “little things,” like copyrighting website content. As attorneys who often advise firms on copyright protection, we know better than anyone that protecting intellectual property is top of mind for technology and brand conscious business owners. What is not always top of mind is everything that encompasses intellectual property, like website content...

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