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  • Did You Just Inadvertently Violate Trademark Law?

    By Procopio Partner Barry F. Soalt We’re all digital communicators today, whether you’re an advertising firm account manager, a corporate marketing executive, or simply someone posting your latest insight on Facebook. What we often fail to realize, however, is how when we communicate with the world we regularly run the risk of potential intellectual property infringement. You may have heard some warnings about inadvertent copyright violations, including the need for explicit permi...

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  • How Businesses Can Recover Serious Damages from Website Copyright Infringers

    A company's website is their calling card, and with so many emerging startups looking to establish their brand, it is easy to overlook the “little things,” like copyrighting website content. As attorneys who often advise firms on copyright protection, we know better than anyone that protecting intellectual property is top of mind for technology and brand conscious business owners. What is not always top of mind is everything that encompasses intellectual property, like website content...

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