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At Procopio, we go to great lengths to attract, motivate and reward ingenuity and talent. That's reflected in our ranking as a Top Ten Law Firm for Diversity among AmLaw 200 firms, and our status as a San Diego Union-Tribune Top Workplace.

Our culture reflects a commitment to service, from ensuring employee satisfaction to helping our clients and our community. We do what we can to enable everyone at Procopio to enjoy great jobs and great lives.

What’s it like to be part of the Procopio team? Find out from our attorneys and staff.

"What's important for culture are things like diversity, worklife balance, and treating everyone with great respect and dignity."

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John Alessio, Managing Partner

John shares how Procopio's commitment to an inclusive and supportive culture serves the law firm's community and clients.

"There really isn't that hierarchy between attorneys and staff. What there is, is a team."

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Lauren Symington, Director of Human Resources and Administration

Lauren discusses Procopio's inclusive, collegial and entrepreneurial workplace culture, and the firm's focus on professional development.

"If you come from a different background you can contribute different ideas, different perspectives."

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Susan Daly, Adrian Martinez and Fred Taylor

Three Procopio attorneys discuss Procopio's culture of diversity and inclusion and why that is important to them.

"There's a real flexibility at the firm to honor people where they're at in their lives."

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Marie Burke Kenny, Partner, Management Committee

Marie, a mother of six, emphasizes Procopio's focus on supporting work-life balance and attorney career development.

"Procopio isn't looking to bring in Hispanics just for the sake of saying we have diverse people. They're looking for excellence."

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Adrian Martinez, Partner

Adrian shares his perspective as an attorney from Mexico now practicing at an AmLaw 200 firm focused on diversity and inclusion.

"They've always valued that small-firm feeling."

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April Amador, Paralegal

April talks about how attorneys and staff at Procopio work hand in hand as part of a team.

"For me personally, it is important to see that Procopio wants to recruit, retain and advance diverse attorneys."

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Susan Daly, Partner

Susan discusses the importance of ensuring opportunities for attorneys of all backgrounds to grow.

"If I ask someone in another office to help me at Procopio, we're speaking the same language."

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Miku Mehta, Partner, Silicon Valley

Miku notes that attorneys and staff in Procopio's multiple offices work seamlessly together as a team.

"The fact that I am an African-American attorney and a Partner here, I think, is a great example for other attorneys who come into the firm."

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Fred Taylor, Partner

A practice group leader, Fred discusses the firm's focus on advancing attorneys of all backgrounds.