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AI Innovator Selected for Highly Competitive National Accelerator

AI Innovator Selected for Highly Competitive National Accelerator

AI Innovator Selected for Highly Competitive National Accelerator

Congratulations to client and artificial intelligence innovator DynamoFL on its selection to the Enterprise AI Accelerator by Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs. Chosen from hundreds of applications, DynamoFL and nine other early-stage companies will explore and test their business models and fast-track potential partnerships during a six-week intensive program.

DynamoFL, headquartered in San Francisco, has created a solution to identify and address enterprise data security vulnerabilities in Generative AI applications. It was founded by machine learning and privacy experts with PhDs from MIT, Christian Lau and Vaikkunth Mugunthan. DynamoFL is represented by Procopio Partner and Emerging Growth and Venture Capital practice leader Roger Rappoport, as well as a broader team including Partners Elaine Harwell, Sara Neva and James Kramer and Associate Jeremy Burke.

Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs facilitates startup-enterprise partnerships through access and connection to Comcast’s network of business leaders and corporate partners. The accelerator welcomes startups from pre-seed to growth stage, and does not involve issuance of equity in exchange for participation. This program is LIFT Labs’ second accelerator in 2023, following a Generative AI-themed program earlier this spring that resulted in all participants securing partnerships with Comcast organizations.

DynamoFL’s team of privacy experts and Ph.D.s address major data leakage risks for emerging technologies like Generative AI, including comprehensive penetration testing to highlight data leakage risks; rapid deployment of privacy-enhancing AI to mitigate leakage risks; and savely leveraging unstructured datasets with sensitive PII for AI. This allows companies to stay ahead of existing and emerging data regulations with out-of-box compliance, leading to slashed compliance costs, rapid deployment and time saved.

Learn more about DynamoFL on their website and the accelerator in the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs press release.

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