I tell everyone I know they need to hire Procopio

Rhomobile, Inc. “After seeing my Procopio team take on the staff of one of the world’s largest law firms and win the battle, I tell everyone I know they need to hire Procopio. Procopio’s efficiently-staffed team shepherded a complicated process to a great exit for all involved: our founders, our venture capital investors and our employees. When crunch time comes, Procopio has the bench strength and expertise to stand up to everything thrown at us. When it comes to M&A, Procopio is my top choice.”

Rob McMillen, Vice President of Rhomobile, Inc. (acquired by Motorola Solutions, Inc.)

An indispensible partner in all legal matters

Plaza Home Mortgage "For more than a decade we have relied on the depth and breadth of Procopio's litigation team to ensure our continued success maintaining offices nationwide with thousands of employees. We continue to appreciate not only the positive results generated by Procopio's litigation attorneys but also their dedicated, diligent and efficient approach to client service. Procopio is an indispensable partner in all legal matters important to our company."

Lynde Selden, General Counsel, Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.

We always feel valued

Planck Aerosystems “We’ve relied on Procopio as our outside corporate counsel from the earliest days of our company, and we’ve never even considered looking at another firm. We value the excellent legal work done by Procopio’s attorneys, but what is really different about Procopio is the firm’s client-centric culture. We always feel valued by the attorneys we work with, and welcome how thoughtful they are in working with us to solve our problems while avoiding new ones. I can’t imagine having our corporate legal work done by any firm other than Procopio.”

Dave Twinning, Chief Operating Officer, Planck Aerosystems

They treat us as partners and communicate with clarity

Aspire Public Schools Procopio’s education attorneys are our go-to for charter policy and legal questions. They understand how charter schools work, are on top of changing policies and regulations, despite how frequently they change, and are incredibly responsive. They are always mindful that our top priority is to serve our scholars and communities and are empathetic to the tensions that we are navigating and values we are holding on any given day. They treat us as partners, work with us to consider various options, and communicate with clarity and humanity.

Mala Batra, CEO, Aspire Public Schools

They keep the deal progressing

nutpods "I have had the good fortune of working with Procopio on multiple transactions as a client when nutpods was raising capital. I have always appreciated the Procopio team because they blend deep transaction expertise with a practical style that is easy to work with and effective. They know how to identify and push on the important issues, to keep the deal progressing and not bogged down on minor points. Anyone would be in excellent hands with the Procopio team."

Geoffrey Laydon, CFO, nutpods


J.M. Huber Corporation "Procopio is my go-to firm in San Diego. I've worked closely with several attorneys there who have helped me through some challenging matters and have always received both pragmatic and sound legal advice. I feel lucky to have such amazing lawyers representing our company. If you need outside legal assistance in San Diego, definitely reach out to Procopio."

Robert Sommers, Senior Counsel, J.M. Huber Corporation


Pacific Steel Group "We count on Procopio’s construction industry knowledge and legal expertise to protect and support our growing business in operations throughout the United States. From legal issues that arise at all construction project stages, to employment and corporate law, Procopio is always there for us. We highly recommend Procopio as the go-to law firm in the construction industry."

David Perkins, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Pacific Steel Group

An Indispensable Part of our Growing Success

Jamul Indian Village Procopio is an indispensable part of our growing success, guiding us through numerous legal challenges, including regulatory obstacles and daunting litigation. As a result the business opportunities and financial security of our tribe has grown significantly. It’s inspiring to be represented by a firm with such a deep understanding of the unique legal challenges faced by federally recognized tribes. I look forward to continuing to work with Procopio in the years to come.

Erica Pinto, Chair, Jamul Indian Village (a Kumeyaay Nation band)

Professionalism and collaborative spirit

One Stop Systems “Launching our IPO was a momentous undertaking, with a lot of unknowns. The professionalism and collaborative spirit Procopio's attorneys brought to the process ensured it was not only successful, but actually enjoyable to boot. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Procopio's Securities team to any and all looking to grow their businesses.”

Steve Cooper, Former Chairman/CEO/President, One Stop Systems

Commitment to client service

Zephyr Partners “Procopio has operated as a seamless extension of our legal team for years now, helping us on a wide variety of real estate, financial and other matters. We appreciate the responsiveness and attention to detail by attorneys at the firm, a reflection of Procopio’s commitment to client service. We can always count on Procopio to get the deal done right and within our time constraints, regardless of unexpected challenges or increasing complexity.”

Brad Termini, CEO, Zephyr Partners

From startup to breakthrough

Banyan Biomarkers, Inc. “For the past decade, through multiple rounds of financing, and ultimately leading to the FDA’s approval of our Banyan BTI™, we’ve counted on Procopio for critical legal guidance and counsel. When your venture aims to do something no one has done before—in our case, develop and commercialize the first-ever in vitro diagnostic blood test to aid in the evaluation of patients with suspected TBI, also known as concussion—you want a law firm that will take the time to understand your unique needs and clear legal roadblocks before you can even anticipate them. That’s what we’ve come to rely on with Procopio.”

Steven P. Richieri, President and COO, Banyan Biomarkers, Inc.

They ensured that all of our needs were met

Encina Wastewater Authority "Because of the range of services Procopio offers, we’re able to rely on their expertise in several areas including intellectual property, environmental regulation, public works contracting and dispute resolution. They ensured that all of our needs were met along the way- and we couldn’t be more pleased with their work.”

Kevin Hardy, General Manager, Encina Wastewater Authority

Sharp and valuable advice and services across multiple disciplines

Gerrity Group Procopio provides my company sharp and valuable advice and services across multiple disciplines including corporate, real estate transactions, real estate finance, securities and employment law. Their range of expertise in these areas enables them to see issues in light of the overall goals and needs of the company.

William Gerrity, Founder and CEO

Creative yet practical

JMI Group "Our Procopio counsel has been doing our joint venture work for more than 15 years, and, simply put, there is no better joint venture counsel. Our counsel is always creative yet practical, adaptive and effective, and efficient, does not negotiate for negotiating sake, and focuses on the material issues."

Bryant W. Burke, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, JMI Group

Pragmatic problem solving

Wolfsheimer Management Corp. "We can always count on Procopio's Real Estate team to bring to the table solid legal expertise, exceptional responsiveness and a pragmatic problem solving capability."

Marc Wolfsheimer, President, Wolfsheimer Management Corp.

Procopio’s IP Litigation team is as good as it gets

Kaneka Corporation "Procopio’s IP Litigation team is as good as it gets. In a patent infringement jury trial, they scored a complete victory for us – an outstanding damages award, plus a 10% royalty rate going forward. We could not have been happier with Procopio’s IP Litigation team, and how they handled the case from start-to-finish, and their level of communication with us throughout the process.”

Hirofumi Yamada, Senior Manager, Kaneka Corporation

the Procopio Real Estate team continues to knock it out of the park for us, deal after deal

SENTRE, Inc. “Whether it’s land use, acquisition, leasing, JV’s or finance, the Procopio Real Estate team continues to knock it out of the park for us, deal after deal. The combination of deep legal expertise and pragmatic problem solving gives them a well-earned spot as our trusted partners.”

Doug Arthur, President & CEO, SENTRE, Inc.


Strata Equity Group "Ours was a complex deal involving multiple states and twenty-four different properties that we could not have undertaken on our own. Procopio's resourcefulness, combined with their experience, was essential in helping us execute this agreement swiftly and effectively."

David Michan, President, Strata Equity Group

Knowledge, commitment and dedication

One World Beef "The Procopio team played a vital role in helping our business succeed, and yet their knowledge, commitment and dedication are all secondary to how they treat their clients. We are honored to have them represent us and recommend them to anyone looking for counsel on environmental and energy issues."

Eric Brandt, President, One World Beef


PKL Services, Inc. "One of the things I value about Procopio is its wide range of legal expertise. While I've appreciated the responsive, practical entity and contract drafting work and military subcontract experience provided by the firm's Business Team, I was grateful when the firm's Labor and Employment team stepped in on short notice and solved a particularly thorny labor and employment challenge for us. Procopio is a firm I can count on to get the job done in a timely and effective manner, no matter the ask."

Patrick "Paddy" Gough, Chief Operating Officer, PKL Services, Inc.


The Lodge After our luxury lodge suffered a catastrophic fire, the payout our insurance company offered us fell far short of covering our losses. I turned to Procopio and their attorneys delivered. We ended up receiving nearly four times the initial amount offered by the insurance company without even having to file a lawsuit. Procopio’s Insurance team knows how to ensure their clients receive the maximum coverage with minimum strife.

Owner, The Lodge

Responsive, hands-on and intelligent

Fusion Property Management Company "From the beginning, our Procopio team took the time to know us and our business—to provide strategic, thoughtful advice. They’ve worked diligently to defend us in numerous litigation matters, including a wage and hour class action, as well as discrimination litigation lawsuits, all of which were resolved successfully. I’d recommend any company trust Procopio with their employment law needs.”

Jana Nunn, President, Fusion Property Management Company

A team with a vision

VSP Global “From structuring to negotiating and closing sophisticated business combinations, and all of the unique tax and commercial considerations to effect a successful investment, the Procopio legal teams have consistently exceeded the legal and business expectations of VSP Global.”

Thomas A. Fessler, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, VSP Global

Promoting your best interests

WaveWrecker "The team at Procopio has been with us every step of the way, helping us establish patents and trademarks for our body-surfing products both in the US and abroad and reviewing proposed distribution and sales agreements as well as various contracts for promotional opportunities. Procopio always has our best interests in mind, and we trust them to protect our business as it continues to grow and thrive.”

Nick Gadler, Creator, WaveWrecker

A Lifelong Dream

Ernesto Catena Vineyards “With the Procopio team's support and due diligence, we were able to realize a life-long dream of establishing a company in the Bay Area to promote our world class wines. Even President Obama has tried our biodynamic wines! We owe a great deal of our success to the attorneys at Procopio.”

Ernesto Catena, Ernesto Catena Vineyards

Personal, hands-on service

Trice Imaging, Inc. "Procopio offers us all the amenities of a large, multi-national firm with the personal, hands-on service of a local advisor."

Asa Nordgren, CEO & Co-Founder, Trice Imaging, Inc.

Pillar of the community

CleanTECH San Diego “Procopio is a pillar of our region’s cleantech economy and sustainability community. We look to Procopio to help our member companies stay abreast of complex legal matters directly affecting their commercialization and business growth strategies. We’re blessed to have them on our team.”

Jason Anderson, President, CleanTECH San Diego

Vast network of international associates

Zanheadgear “Procopio is a highly sophisticated law firm with a vast network of international associates that can provide superior legal counsel in literally every legal issue that is relevant to companies within the Action Sports industry. We trust in our team at Procopio to provide not only superior legal counsel, but unparalleled customer service.”

Jennifer Struebing, Chief Operating Officer, Zanheadgear

Procopio understands our business

ONE Industries “Working with Procopio allows us to focus on what we do best, which is creating superior motocross and bicycle products. Procopio understands our business and the action sports industry. No matter what the issue is, we know that Procopio has our back and will provide us with strategic and high-quality advice.”

Rhett Souders, Former Chief Financial Officer, ONE Industries

We rely on Procopio to help us navigate the legal waters that support our fast-growing business

Surfline “We rely on Procopio to help us navigate the legal waters that support our fast-growing business. Our team has been highly responsive to our needs, which have spanned from IP litigation to acquisitions. It’s important to us that we are sound legal advice and that the advice we get is framed in a deep understanding of nuances of the surfing and ocean related lifestyle. That understanding comes from being part of the lifestyle.”

Jonno Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Surfline

Responsiveness and attention to detail is unparalleled

EnovationNation "Our Procopio team works tirelessly. Their responsiveness and attention to detail is unparalleled. The business counsel and strategic advice we've received has helped us maneuver the obstacles associated with starting a corporation. We love our Procopio team and would not be where we are without their guidance."

TD Lowe, Chief Executive Officer, EnovationNation

An integral part of our team

Tejon Ranch Company "Procopio has been an integral part of our team in several successful joint venture transactions. Along with their extensive business transaction experience they also provided us quality tax guidance related to our joint venture transactions."

Allen Lyda, Chief Financial Officer, Tejon Ranch Company

Procopio has been by our side

Rainbow Municipal Water District “From drought ordinances to water rate changes, to public works and labor matters, our team at Procopio has been by our side for over a decade. We depend on them to help us navigate major legal decisions that have a lasting impact on our business.”

Dave Seymour, General Manager, Rainbow Municipal Water District

Getting the transaction done

Collins Development Company "The Collins and La Jolla Development Companies have worked with Procopio for over 25-years on many varied and complex joint venture transactions. We have always been impressed with their intimate knowledge of the applicable statutes and tax codes, but foremost is their integration of the business and practical aspects of getting the transaction successfully accomplished."

Robert E. Petersen, Senior Vice President, Collins Development Company

Familiarity with startups and life sciences

DevaCell “I have worked with many firms and several IP attorneys for my multiple ventures, and I’ve yet to find any firm even comes close to Procopio in terms of professionalism, broad scope and expertise as well as familiarity with the challenges of startups and a deep understanding of the life sciences. Our attorney grasps concepts and ideas quickly and builds strong patents around them while forming powerful strategies to build a versatile patent portfolio that leads to a productive licensing strategy. I am looking forward to working with Procopio’s IP team years to come.”

- Inanc Ortac, Co-Founder and CTO, DevaCell

Another day, another milestone

Concentric Networks, LLC “Another day, another milestone. Our amazing IP team at Procopio did it again, overcoming rejections from the U.S. patent examiner to allow a whopping 44 claims on our latest patent.”

- Phillip Kopp, CEO and Co-Founder, Concentric Networks, LLC

We can't speak highly enough about our friends at Procopio

Neology "From the very beginning, the Procopio IP team had the foresight to see the business value, while drafting the technical details, to position us for success. We can’t speak highly enough about our friends at Procopio.”

Francisco Martinez de Velasco, Chief Executive Officer, Neology

We've trusted Procopio

Modular Wetland Systems, Inc. “For close to a decade, we’ve trusted Procopio to handle the legal needs of our incredibly advanced hybrid stormwater treatment systems. From protecting our multiple patents and trademarks, to executing important licensing and distribution agreements, our team at Procopio works closely with us to understand our business objectives and ensure we are taken care of.”

Greg B. Kent, President and Chief Executive Officer, Modular Wetland Systems, Inc.

They take the time to understand your business and your market

Global Village Concerns “Procopio delivers just what an emerging growth company needs. They take the time to understand your business, and your market. They ask the critical questions that make you think. Then they offer intelligent, strategic business advice, with an deep understanding of the obstacles start-ups face as they go through their growth phases. They’re an incredibly thoughtful, helpful and proactive business partner.”

George Hampton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Village Concerns

We rely on Procopio

Invenergy LLC “Our projects are large and complex because they require environmental and regulatory review and approval by regulators from federal, state, county, Tribal, and municipal governments. We rely on Procopio to help us successfully navigate through the various governmental approval processes in the most-appropriate and efficient method.”

Mick Baird, Vice President of Business Development, Invenergy LLC

Procopio has been an invaluable partner

Integrated Behavioral Health "Procopio has been an invaluable partner for us. They are actively involved in every phase of our M&A deals and always have our best interest in mind throughout the entire process. The expertise, effort and level of professionalism they bring to the table is first rate. I would recommend them without hesitation."

Ed Bosanac, President, Integrated Behavioral Health

Procopio is unique in their ability to assist and provide insight

Power Analytics Corporation "Procopio has helped us build a strong IP portfolio that has helped us grow and maintain market share in this difficult and complex environment. Procopio’s knowledge of our power analytics, from a technical as well as business perspective, was invaluable to enabling us to build a strong portfolio and protect our market position. Procopio is unique in their ability to assist and provide insight into the development of an IP portfolio."

Kevin Meagher, President and CEO, Power Analytics Corporation

DISCLAIMER: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.