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SIA Snow Show 2017
SIA Snow Show 2017

Join Procopio’s Sports and Active Lifestyle attorneys at the 2017 SIA Snow Show for insightful presentations about protecting your brand.

Fortify Your Brand: Protecting Your Online Presence and Social Media Identity

Date: Thursday, January 26th | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Tradeshow Floor)

About the Presentation:
The internet and social media are a hotbed of opportunities as well as challenges for brand owners. Business owners need to know how to use the internet and social media effectively for their businesses while also preventing and combatting intellectual property infringement on these platforms.  This lecture will discuss how to effectively launch an online marketing program while avoiding common mistakes which could result in expensive legal problems.

Presenters: Kathleen Brown and Lisel Ferguson

Undercutting the Mistakes – How to Avoid Common Missteps with Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policies

Date: Friday, January 27th | 11:00 AM (I+I Studio, Booth #470)*

About the Presentation:
Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies particularly benefit manufacturers who rely on service and brand recognition to make their products a success.  This lecture will provide an overview of minimum advertised price policies and how to create and implement a minimum advertised price policy without running into legal trouble.

Presenters: Kathleen Brown and Lisel Ferguson

*Please note this is a recorded presentation that will be live streamed  here.  Limited seating will be available to watch the live recording. Presentation will be available to view at your leisure at at the conclusion of this conference.

SIA Snow Show 2017

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