Trade Secrets

We understand how important trade secrets and their protection are to the existence and success of our clients, especially given recent developments in the United States patent laws. Our Trade Secrets Law practice group works closely with our clients to help identify and safeguard their trade secrets around the world. We also advise early stage companies to help them avoid trade secret problems.

We are deeply skilled in the planning and litigation associated with misappropriation of trade secrets, especially in cases involving departing employees. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in these situations, using our extensive knowledge of the law to frequently negotiate an early resolution. Tapping into the strengths of our Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property Litigation and Employment practice groups, we design practical solutions to help our clients navigate through the problematic issues that such departures can cause. Our extensive knowledge of computer forensics, electronically-stored information, and our in-house litigation technology group helps us resolve cases efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

  • Advise companies on proper procedures to protect trade secrets, including drafting confidentiality, non-disclosure, employment, invention assignment and vendor agreements.
  • Advise early stage companies on how to innovate without misappropriating trade secrets.
  • Help companies and individuals resolve disputes concerning trade secrets, whether through investigation and negotiation or through legal action.
  • Create confidentiality plans to protect trade secrets.
We design practical solutions to help our clients navigate through problematic Trade Secret issues.

Representative Matters

  • Obtained a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, and contempt order in federal court in a case against a former employee who started a competing company using client’s technology; case settled on the eve of trial.
  • Advised early stage company on the steps and procedures to implement to ensure that new employees did not use trade secrets of their previous employers.
  • Used computer forensics to show that former employee stole employer’s trade secrets when forming new company.