Beer, Wine and Spirits

The beer, wine and spirits industry in California has experienced unprecedented growth over the past two decades. The legal issues of these are both unique and complex. Attorneys in Procopio’s Beer, Wine, and Spirits practice group provide a complete range of legal services to help producers, distributors, and sellers of alcoholic beverages to comply with the various tax, regulatory and corporate issues specific to them. With a particular focus on supporting the success of California’s craft brewers, Procopio brings together experienced attorneys from various practice groups, including tax, international law, intellectual property, labor and employment, real estate, corporate, construction and litigation in order to attack complicated issues with experience.

In addition to the wealth of disciplines that this group draws from, it is uniquely positioned to help clients who wish to cross borders. These seasoned attorneys regularly assist domestic and foreign clients, especially for unique issues that arise when a client is expanding into or out of the United States.

Attorneys in our Beer, Wine and Spirits practice group collaborate to skillfully and efficiently allow us to advise clients at all stages of growth, from initial business formation to mergers and acquisitions/business succession.

Our attorneys provide clients such services as:

  • Corporate formation/restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Restaurant, hotel and bar legal services
  • Intellectual property issues, including patents, trademarks (including trademark litigation) and copyrights
  • Import, export and distribution agreements
  • Labor and employment
  • Real estate and land use
  • Purchase and sale of facilities, including wineries
  • Litigation
  • Taxation
  • All other issues for beer, wine and spirits clients