Management Committee

John D. Alessio

Managing Partner

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Michael J. Changaris


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John P. Cleary


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Enrique Hernandez-Pulido


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Marie Burke Kenny


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James G. Perkins, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

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Craig A. Ramseyer


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Practice Team Leaders

Business and Technology
Dennis Doucette, Partner
Timothy E. Salter, Partner
Health Care, Education and Government
John C. Lemmo, Partner
Intellectual Property
Pattric J. Rawlins, Partner
Intellectual Property Litigation
Lisel M. Ferguson, Partner
Labor and Employment
Tyler M. Paetkau, Partner
Edward C. Walton, Partner
Real Estate and Environmental Law
Theodore J. Griswold, Partner
Eric D. Swenson, Partner

Practice Group Leaders

Asia-Pacific Cross-Border
Miku H. Mehta, Partner
Aviation and Marine
Eli W. Mansour, Partner
Beer, Wine & Spirts
Enrique Hernandez, Partner
Matt Short, Partner
Craig A. Ramseyer, Partner
Capital Markets and Securities and Securities
Dennis J. Doucette, Partner
Christopher L. Tinen, Partner
Emerging Growth and Technology
Roger C. Rappoport, Partner
Energy and Environment
John J. Lormon, Partner
Family Law
Michele B. Brown, Partner
Brook T. Barnes, Partner
Health Care
Robert Marasco, Partner
International Tax
Patrick W. Martin, Partner
Labor and Employment
Marie Burke Kenny, Partner
Land Use
Justine K. Nielsen, Partner
Latin America Cross-Border
Enrique Hernandez-Pulido, Partner
Licensing and Technology Transactions
William C. Belanger, Partner
Eli W. Mansour, Partner
Life Sciences and Medical Technology
Robert "Bob" Ramos, Partner
Noel C. Gillespie, Partner
Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Joint Ventures
David C. Boatwright, Of Counsel
Paul B. Johnson, Partner
Native American Law
Kerry K. Patterson, Partner
Privacy and Cybersecurity
Frederick K. Taylor, Partner
Elaine F. Harwell, Senior Counsel
Public Agencies and Charter Schools
Greta A. Proctor, Partner
John C. Lemmo, Partner
Real Estate
Jeff Stoke, Partner
Pattric J. Rawlins, Partner
Sports and Active Lifestyle
Kathleen A. Brown, Of Counsel
Lisel M. Ferguson, Partner

Finance Partner

Craig P. Sapin, Partner

General Counsel

Carole J. Buckner, Partner

Firm Non-Legal Management

Chief Operating Officer
James G. Perkins, Ph.D.
Director of Accounting
Richard "Randy" Ricks
Director of Human Resources & Administration
Lauren I. Symington, JD
Director of Information Services
Craig A. Crosby
Director of Knowledge Management & Records
Tiffany M. O'Neil, JD
Director of Marketing & Client Relations
Kevin J. Wilson