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Licensing Fundamentals #3: Negotiating a Successful License
Licensing Fundamentals #3: Negotiating a Successful License

Once you’ve decided which licensing option is right for you/your company, you need to be prepared for the term sheet and license agreement negotiations which will ultimately determine the long-term outcome of the licensing deal. Understanding how to successfully negotiate terms, close the deal and maintain the licensing agreement is critical and where many licensors/licensees fall short.

In this third segment of the IP Licensing workshop series, Eli Mansour, partner at Procopio will explore the steps of negotiating and finalizing a licensing transaction using two real world examples (bio-pharmaceutical and software), tactics for negotiating key terms and common mistakes to avoid. The lessons learned here will enable participants to efficiently and effectively manage the licensing process and avoid pitfalls which may have long-term repercussions.

Topics covered:

  • How to build the Term Sheet
  • Negotiating strategies (and what to avoid)
  • Closing the deal
  • Converting the Term Sheet to an Agreement
  • License maintenance:

– Updates/ Improvements

– Maintenance and support

– Prosecution obligations

– Royalty Statements/ audits

– IP compliance

– Enforcing the Agreements


Eli W. Mansour counsels clients on a variety of Intellectual Property transactional matters including Licensing. Eli’s practice focuses on the development, protection and licensing of technology and related intellectual property, including drafting and negotiating technology development, manufacturing, distribution and licensing agreements. He has extensive experience in device discovery agreements, joint venture agreements and technology assignment, and transfer transactions.

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Licensing Fundamentals #3: Negotiating a Successful License

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