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Licensing Fundamentals #2 – Developing a Successful Licensing Strategy
Licensing Fundamentals #2 – Developing a Successful Licensing Strategy


This is the second IP Licensing workshop in a series of 4 sessions for startup founders, startup executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and developers.


A comprehensive printed workbook and reference materials is included in the price of the admission.


As an intellectual property owner and a licensor, you can grow your business and ensure a steady stream of additional income and/or funding. As a licensee, you can manufacture, sell, import, export, distribute and market various goods or services which you may be prevented from doing otherwise. There are numerous reasons companies pursue licensing agreements and there are various licensing options to consider. This workshop will explore those options, benefits of licensing and will focus on vital issues businesses face when looking to pursue a licensing strategy for their products and services.

In this second segment of the IP Licensing workshop series, Eli Mansour, partner at Procopio, takes participants through the necessary steps to identify and execute successful licensing strategies for their unique innovations.

Topics covered:

  • Why companies license
  • Review of what you can license (IP, Technology)
  • Different forms of licensing
  • Consideration options and pros/cons of each
  • Defining permitted use and rights
  • How to determine what to license and actually begin the process
  • Understanding your licensor/licensee
  • Assessing the risks
  • Top 10 mistakes to avoid

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Licensing Fundamentals #2 – Developing a Successful Licensing Strategy

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