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Key Takeaways from the Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) Case
Key Takeaways from the Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) Case

When does “faking it until you make it” cross the line toward negligent misrepresentation or even fraud? The gripping saga of the biotech startup Theranos came to a dramatic end with the recent conviction of Elizabeth Holmes on criminal charges related to investor fraud.

Using Theranos as an example, Fred Taylor will examine and discuss the careful balance a startup must strike in touting its technological and market possibilities while also making responsible representations. He will also look at the responsibilities of investors in doing their conducting due diligence before plunging equity into a startup. After his presentation he’ll engage in an open discussion with Kam Li in this event sponsored by the Sino-American Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SABPA).

Key Takeaways from the Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) Case

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