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Webinar: Is Your Life Sciences Patent Enabled?
Webinar: Is Your Life Sciences Patent Enabled?

U.S. Supreme Court Will Decide This Year

In this year’s foray into patent law, the Supreme Court will decide whether Amgen’s patent that claims antibodies by functional antigen binding and does not disclose the full range of antibody sequences is invalid for not meeting the enablement requirements of Section 112(a).

Join us for this webinar on Tuesday, March 14 where Procopio experts in patent prosecution and patent litigation will discuss the background of the case and how the Supreme Court’s decision may impact the ability to obtain certain life science, chemical and pharma patents and how it may provide additional ammunition to attack such patents in patent litigation.

Webinar: Is Your Life Sciences Patent Enabled?

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Jeremy J. Edwards, Partner, Procopio


Jeffrey D. Morton, PhD, Partner, Procopio

Robert H. Sloss, Partner, Procopio

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