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Procopio Supports The Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community

March 22, 2021: Procopio condemns the violence, racism and harassment that Asian-American and Pacific Islanders have long endured. The resurgence of this type of violence is sickening.  We stand with and celebrate our Asian-American and Pacific Islander colleagues, clients, and communities who contribute so greatly to our success and enrich our lives and communities in every sense of the word. In an effort to do our part,

Procopio will continue to engage with the API community through our diversity and inclusion programs, as well as our pro bono, charitable giving and community service commitments to assist the disadvantaged. We are committed to doing all that we can to help stop the violence, hate and injustice being experienced by APIs and related communities, as we work toward a more inclusive and peaceful society.

John D. Alessio, Procopio Managing Partner