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Procopio News and Events -- March 2019

In Procopio's March 2019 newsletter, we provide links to a number of informative articles, including:

  • Ways in which possible jurisdictional changes to the federal Clean Water Act in California could impact the permitting process of a wide array of projects;
  • The latest possible changes to the yet-to-be-enacted California Consumer Privacy Act, a landmark bill signed into law last year; and
  • A proposal from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to impose new obligations on many trademark applicants and registrants.

In addition, we provided information on upcoming events, including:

  • Numerous presentations by Procopio attorneys at the annual California Charter Schools Association conference; and
  • A four-part series with ACC San Diego on cyber risks including data breaches, complete with CLE training and "Cyber Prepared" certification.

We also shared a video featuring Procopio Partner Miku Mehta on he and other attorneys in our Silicon Valley office operate seamlessly with attorneys in other offices across the firm, as well as a roundup of other news and events featured on our social media feeds.

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