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News You Can Use -- September 2021

In Procopio's September 2021 News You Can Use newsletter, you'll learn:

  • Why two new California Supreme Court decisions clarifying and limiting the state's "prevailing wage" law should be good news to public works construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers; and
  • Why those developing an IP strategy in which they seek to treat as a trade secret the "best mode" of practicing an invention for which they’re seeking a patent might want to reconsider.

We also highlight major Procopio conferences:

  • A half-day virtual event detailing the latest developments in construction law; and
  • A two-day summit on what companies need to know when conducting business between Latin America and the United States.

The newsletter also highlights the fact that Procopio once again ranked as one of the most diverse mid-size law firms in the U.S., and this year had 60 attorneys named a Best Lawyer or Best Lawyer One to Watch.

And as always, we included some of our most popular LinkedIn posts from the last month.

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