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2022 IP Counsel Cafe Silicon Valley Annual Meeting
2022 IP Counsel Cafe Silicon Valley Annual Meeting

It’s back, and it’s in person! Join Procopio IP Partner and Asia-Pacific practice leader Miku Mehta at this year’s IP Counsel Cafe’s annual meeting May 18-19, 2022 in California at the Crowne Plaza Palo Alto.

The past two years have witnessed an acceleration of business changes and shifting global markets that require companies to change their IP strategies. U.S. trade policy and Covid-related Supply Chain disruptions have encouraged American businesses to diversify their operations beyond China into Southeast Asia, necessitating new partnerships and IP filing strategies. Differences in U.S. and European Patent Prosecution complicate building patent portfolios that span several countries. Businesses are partnering across borders, complicating how inventorship is defined. Companies are experiencing higher levels of employee turnover, increasing the risk of exposing Trade Secrets. In order to protect and support their clients, IP Counsel must understand how businesses and markets are changing. Join IP Counsel Cafe for 2 days of panel discussions and networking with Senior IP Counsel at today’s leading companies. Hear from 50+ IP Counsel.

We’re pleased to announce that Miku Mehta will be a featured speaker the morning of May 18 on a panel titled “Shifting Foreign Filing Strategies.” Commerce and the way we conduct business have changed. Consumer markets, location of resources and supply chains, and international relationships are all evolving. In many ways, Covid simply accelerated what was already occurring, and the world will not return to its old ways of conducting business. Foreign filing strategies must evolve to match this new landscape. Miku and other speakers will address:

  • How have changes in supply chains or trade policy impacted foreign filing decisions?
  • How do you foreign file with monetization in mind? What is the structure?
  • If you are a software company with no manufacturing in China, do you still need to file there and why or why not?
  • As companies move manufacturing out of China, how are they re-evaluating their filing strategies?
  • Are companies filing in India? Are companies having litigation successes there and are injunctions being granted?

2022 IP Counsel Cafe Silicon Valley Annual Meeting

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Crowne Plaza Palo Alto


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