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17th San Diego BioPharma Conference & 6th Pacific Bio-Partnering
17th San Diego BioPharma Conference & 6th Pacific Bio-Partnering

The San Diego BioPharma Conference, the flagship event of the Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SABPA), has featured some of the most respectful figures in the fields, from potential Nobel laureates and breakthrough innovators to multi-billion-dollar dealmakers. Many exciting stories from San Diego biopharma industry in the past year hit the global headlines and have ignited the passion that further fuels innovations.

This year’s conference features a presentation by Procopio Partner Robert “Bob” Ramos, co-leader of Procopio’s Life Sciences practice group. He’ll enlighten attendees on managing 3rd-party intellectual property and Freedom-to-Operate approaches in drug development.

Come and meet some of the visionary leaders and network with your peers. This year’s topics include the pioneering exploration of gene therapies and proteome wide drug discovery, transformative academia research and its translation into life-saving therapeutics, the making of a multi-billion dollar deal, the challenges of navigating the drug R&D paths to ultimate success, and strategies to succeed in the ever-changing global market. This is one of the biggest San Diego biotech events that you don’t want to miss.

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17th San Diego BioPharma Conference & 6th Pacific Bio-Partnering

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