Ernesto Catena Vineyards

Dreams realized. “With the Procopio team’s support and due-diligence, we were able to realize a life-long dream of establishing a company in the Bay Area to promote our world class wines. Even President Obama has tried our biodynamic wines! We owe a great deal of our success to the attorneys at Procopio.”

Ernesto Catena, Ernesto Catena Vineyards

CLINIQA Corporation

Persistent dedication. “I can’t say thank you enough for all of Procopio’s efforts and time sacrifice. Everyone at Cliniqa that worked on this deal is appreciative of your persistent dedication to doing things so timely and effectively.  You have made this process so much more enjoyable.”

Dean Harriman, Chief Financial Officer of CLINIQA Corporation


Keeping your best interests in mind. “The team at Procopio has been with us every step of the way, helping us establish patents and trademarks for our body-surfing products both in the US and abroad and reviewing proposed distribution and sales agreements as well as various contracts for promotional opportunities. Procopio always has our best interests in mind, and we trust them to protect our business as it continues to grow and thrive.”

Nick Gadler, Creator, WaveWrecker

Collins and La Jolla Development Companies

25 years of trust. "The Collins and La Jolla Development Companies have worked with David Boatwright and his team for over 25-years on many varied and complex joint venture transactions. We have always been impressed with their intimate knowledge of the applicable statutes and tax codes, but foremost is their integration of the business and practical aspects of getting the transaction successfully accomplished."

Robert E. Petersen, Senior Vice President, Collins Development Company

Global Village Concerns

Supporting your cause and your business. "Procopio delivers just what an emerging growth company needs. They take the time to understand your business, and your market. They ask the critical questions that make you think. Then they offer intelligent, strategic business advice, with a deep understanding of the obstacles start-ups face as they go through their growth phases. They’re an incredibly thoughtful, helpful and proactive business partner.”

George Hampton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Village Concerns

Kaneka Corporation

Committed to you. "Procopio’s IP Litigation team is as good as it gets. In a patent infringement jury trial, they scored a complete victory for us – an outstanding damages award, plus a 10% royalty rate going forward. We could not have been happier with Procopio’s IP Litigation team, and how they handled the case from start-to-finish, and their level of communication with us throughout the process.”

Hirofumi Yamada, Senior Manager, Kaneka Corporation

Trice Imaging Inc

Hands-on service."Procopio offers us all the amenities of a large, multi-national firm with the personal, hands-on service of a local advisor."

Asa Nordgren, CEO & Co-founder, Trice Imaging Inc.