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Procopio News and Events -- April 2018

April 2018 (San Diego): In Procopio's April 2018 newsletter, we provide links to a number of informative articles, including:

  • The alarming fact that many U.S. individuals holding stock in foreign companies might be facing a big tax bill due to recent U.S. tax reform;
  • How that same reform to the U.S. tax code is causing some corporate owners to rethink the structure of their businesses;
  • Information on a recent California Supreme Court decision that is requiring some employers to pay more for overtime work; and
  • The possible ways in which President Trump's solar panel tariffs may impact California businesses and regulators.

The newsletter also contains information on two upcoming events:

  • An April 11 roundtable in Del Mar Heights on how some life sciences firms may find trade secrets a more alluring path for protecting their innovation than more conventional approaches such as patents; and
  • An April 12 discussion with the Sino-America Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association for life sciences entrepreneurs on licensing their intellectual property.

And as always, we provide a consise round-up of social media postings, including the news of two new attorney hires, and nearly sixty of our attorneys being ranked in a peer-voted survey as among the best in San Diego.

Please enjoy the April 2018 Procopio Newsletter, and sign up for future issues.