At Procopio, we strive to preserve and enhance the quality of life of our clients, the community and our employees through innovative and sustainable environmental practices and education.  Our approach is based on our core principles –commitment to service, dedication to our people, adding value to our clients’ lives, and driving innovation in all that we do.
Sustainability requires that humans not deplete or degrade the “natural capital” faster than the Earth’s systems can replenish those resources.  Preserving this capital extends well beyond the Procopio offices, but Procopio has worked diligently to develop programs that support sustainability.

In our continued efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, to create a green consciousness and spirit and to spread the message by its example, the Procopio Sustainability Initiative establishes guidelines in eight sustainable areas:

  • Architecture
  • Energy
  • Water Conservation
  • Paper Management
  • Waste Reduction
  • Procurement
  • Employee Comfort, Natural Light and Education

Procopio does not manufacture products, it does not store or use extremely hazardous materials and it does not directly discharge waste into the air or surface waters. Nevertheless, as a law firm we do generate significant amounts of non-hazardous waste, we consume electricity, use vehicles for transportation and we purchase products (e.g., paper, ink, and plastic) that cause emissions and generate waste due to production, transportation and disposal activities.

Sustainable practices speak to Procopio’s values, character and ethic. The adoption and ongoing implementation of the Procopio Sustainability Initiative reinforces the reputation of the firm, and increases its efficiency, productivity and employee recruitment and retention potential. The initiative more closely aligns the firm with the growing demands of current and prospective clients who are embracing sustainability. The Procopio Sustainability Initiative also ensures the firm’s continued dedication to addressing the social, environmental and economic issues that lie ahead for our community.

Download the Procopio Sustainability Initiative